About Me

My interest in counselling was sparked many years ago when I experienced how talking to someone who really listened in a space that felt safe and non-judgemental could actually help me! I was amazed at how this process could enable me to see things in a different way and as a result change the things around me that were no longer helpful. How could simply talking to someone achieve that?! To be honest I am still in awe of the process of counselling and feel passionate about the benefits of it.

Years later, following redundancy I decided to learn more about the theory behind the process with the ultimate goal of being able to provide the same safe space to others.

I completed a Certificate in counselling followed by an Advanced Diploma in counselling and now work as a volunteer at a Disability charity alongside having my own practice in Brixham.

In line with my promise to keep it simple and jargon free I will simply say here that working integratively means that I use several different approaches to enable me to support you. My starting point is always to establish a relationship with you which feels safe, supportive and without judgement. And then together we can start the process of looking at what's important to you.

One common fear people have about starting counselling is that they will be overwhelmed by their feelings or emotions and then won’t be able to cope. Part of my commitment to creating a safe environment is to work with you at a pace that feels manageable and that you are in control of.

For more information about my approach please see FAQ or contact me with any questions of your own.